Tom Cruise’s next stunts? In space, it is now safe!

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A little bird told us that the king of crazy action sequences Tom Cruise will go into space with director Doug Liman next fall for jumps and stunts that will end up in a movie.

If you think with Mission: Impossible 7 Tom Cruise has surpassed himself in the execution of dangerous and unattainable stunts … well you are wrong. The incomparable Tom in fact, it prepares for jumps, throws and acrobatics in space. In reality this news does not reach us exactly new, because, in the month of May, we who are fans of Cruise we promptly informed you that, in collaboration with NASA and the entrepreneur’s company SpaceX Elon Musk, the actor would have made a film inside the ISS, the orbiting International Space Station in which approximately every 3 astronauts of the agencies participating in the scientific research on board alternate. We later found out that he would be running it Doug Liman, former director of Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow e Barry Seal – An American History.

Now a Twitter account that follows the space missions and explorations reveals that, in October 2021, Tom Cruise e Doug Liman they will reach the International Space Station on an Axion SpaceX Crew Dragon flight. This is a small, completely private mission, and the post says there is still an empty seat. Who will occupy it? Maybe another star. We will find out soon. Meanwhile, the possibility of Tom on the big screen and among the stars in 2022 or 2023 it is becoming more and more concrete, so the reckless action sequences of M:I7 and of Top Gun: Maverick they may even be little compared to what they will show us Doug e Tom in the space. Of course we’re kidding, because the agent’s new adventure Ethan Hunt and the return of Pete Maverick Mitchell they will guarantee us a very high degree of spectacularity and buckets of adrenaline.



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