In the spring, the U.S. Aerospace Agency Nasa announced that action star Tom Cruise, 58, will be sent to shoot his next film in space.

“Nasa is excited to be able to make a film with Tom Cruise at the International Space Station,” wrote NASA’s CEO Jim Bridenstine On Twitter.

Nasa has planned to start using the International Space Station, or ISS, as the filming location for commercial purposes, such as space tourism. The space station orbits the earth at an altitude of just over 350 kilometers and has been occupied since 2000.

Now the time for Cruise’s space trip has been confirmed, Daily Mail news. The man has been awarded a seat on the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule-shaped spacecraft. It is scheduled to fly Cruise and film director Doug Lima, 55, to the ISS in October 2021. The captain of the spacecraft will be NASA’s space shuttle veteran, astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria. According to the magazine, there would be room for one more space tourist on the spacecraft.

In October, the Space Shuttle Almanac was released from the passenger list of the departing tourist space flightWith a Twitter account, which informs about space program schedules and shuttle movements.

The New York Times has reported that Nasa is working to find new ways to market its space program. The intention is to release the first film shot in space. Previous attempts to produce entertainment outside the home planet have not been successful, as none of the films shot in space have been released.

Cruise has been reported to be collaborating with Tesla and Elon Musk, owner of space rocket company SpaceX. However, the upcoming film is not said to be part of the Mission: Impossible series.

Tom Cruise is known as a bold star of action movies. He has appeared in films such as the Mission: Impossible series and won three Golden Globe Awards for his role work. In addition, he has been nominated three times for an Oscar.