Actor Tom Cruise had only one meeting through the Zoom platform enough to convince Universal Pictures studios to contribute to the film made in space. The actor did not present them the script that is in preparation, according to The New York Post, quoted by

At this meeting, Tom Cruise was with directors Doug Liman and Christopher McQuarrie, two filmmakers used to working with the actor.

Cruise, Liman, McQuarrie are good negotiators because they obtained from Universal a commitment of almost 200 million dollars, writes Le Figaro.

This is the first loan. The project is still in the first phase and the logistics elements have not been evaluated.

The last blockbusters whose action took place in space were not cheap. Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” had a $ 100 million budget, while Christopher Nolan had a $ 165 million budget for “Insterstellar.” But neither Cuaron nor Nolan have yet filmed in space.

For his historic project, Tom Cruise could collaborate with Elon Musk and Space X.

According to Deadline, nothing has been officially decided. Doug Liman could direct the space, while Christopher McQuarrie will handle the ground operations.

In early May, the US space agency said it was “delighted” with the idea of ​​working with the “Top Gun” star for a film aboard the International Space Station, NASA Director Jim Bridenstine wrote on Twitter. He said the initiative could “inspire a new generation of engineers and researchers” for “ambitious projects”.