Tom Cruise and the crazy life of Barry Seal, between truths and inventions of the film

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On Netflix is ​​available Barry Seal – American Made in which Tom Cruise plays a drug trafficker who has had an epic life and beyond all limits. Let’s see the differences between the true story and the movie.

Released in theaters with the title Barry Seal – An American History, he film American Made tells the crazy and surreal life of an American airplane pilot who was able to seize many opportunities (if we want to call them that). And the more he grasped, the more they showed up. Tom Cruise, which is finalizing a Venezia the troubled filming of Mission: Impossible 7, interpret Barry Seal stepping out of the role of the action hero for a moment. As a Hollywood star that he is, the actor is clearly above all his characters and it is impossible to eliminate the “Cruise” filter by watching his films. But the career of Tom Cruise he wouldn’t have traveled the stratosphere for more than 30 years if he wasn’t a great actor. And in American Made proves to be able to wear the dress of the grotesque with measured irony, for a production that guarantees a high level of entertainment. The film is in these days in the Top Toe of the most viewed titles on the platform Netflix.

American Made: the true story of Barry Seal and the inventions of the film with Tom Cruise

Being one of those cases where reality is already far beyond a writer’s imagination, Barry Seal – An American History directed by Doug Liman takes narrative liberties. In part because it was not possible to reconstruct the reality of the facts that marked the life of Barry Seal, and partly because those who could give more information about him did not speak. The film therefore does not follow the path of verisimilitude, starting with the appearance of Barry Seal. I know Christian Bale had been cast in the lead role, he wouldn’t have existed to reach 110 kg to look like the character, as he did in Vice – The man in the shadows. Tom Cruise he kept his weight but, in his case, the added value was seeing him to actually fly the twin-engine planes of the film (his passion for flying dates back to the times of Top Gun).

As the film tells, Barry Seal he was a TWA pilot for a few years, becoming in 1964 at the age of 26 one of the youngest captains operating on a Boeing 707. The first license to fly he took at 15 and at 16 he had already obtained the patent to start a business with his small plane, immediately demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit. After ten years of intercontinental flights, in 1974 Seal he was fired by the TWA for justifying his absences with bogus medical certifications while flying elsewhere on his special renditions.

In the movie Domhnall Gleeson who plays the agent Monty Schafer, recruits Seal because the CIA wants to take advantage of his travels to Central America to have him hand over weapons to the revolutionaries, turning a blind eye to his “pastime” of drug air courier. People Schafer is a fictional character, but it embodies all the speculation that Barry Seal actually worked undercover for the CIA. The true Barry Seal he claimed to have delivered arms to Cuban rebels on behalf of various government agencies before becoming an airline pilot for the TWA, thus even before his activity as a drug trafficker.

It is certain that he was an informant of the DEA, the drug department, which hired him after catching him unloading in Arkansas 210 kg of cocaine from the cartel of Pablo Escobar, for a value of 168 million dollars. At that point to save his skin he played a double game with Colombian and Nicaraguan “friends” as long as he could and despite the fact that in the film his character experiences a sort of redemption for having collaborated with justice, in reality Barry Seal he was one of the biggest perpetrators of the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1980s, amassing a fortune of roughly $ 60 million in dirty money. And in case you are wondering, no, there is no news of a crash landing in an urban center as seen in American Made – Barry Seal: An American History. A scene inserted for the spectacularization of the film’s story.

Below is the interview with Tom Cruise and the director Doug Liman.


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