Tom Affleck joined the Houdini biopic

The film about probably the most famous magicians in history will be guided by Dan Trachtenberg for The disney produtcions. Details

Ben Affleck will be one of the protagonists of Houdini, the biopic that will will tell the life of one of the extremely famous magicians of all time.

This film will be directed by Serta Trachtenberg, responsible for Calle Cloverfield 10, which was also chosen to execute the new installment of the saga Predator.

The protagonist of League of Justice joined the feature film prepared by Disney based on the guide The Secret Life of Houdini. The Making of America’s Very first Superhero, written in 2006 by Bill Kalush and Larry Sloman.

As reported SlashFilm, Affleck is not going to play the lead, instead he will certainly put himself in the shoes of an kind of agent who usually are operating in the same circles as the illusionist.

The project, which has been trying to get in advance for several years and at the time the item featured Johnny Depp as the most important character, “Will relate Houdini’s increase to fame from poverty, but it will surely focus on man and his incredible heritage but will also dive into his / her more adventurous side and his research in the occult. Who will finally become Houdini? It’s still a secret …

Also, as the official synopsis in the work explains, in their book, Bill Kalush and Larry Sloman, “describe from millions of pages of researching the passions that led Houdini to perform increasingly dangerous feats, his / her secret life as spy and also a serious plot to seize his / her legacy “.

“Kalush in addition to Sloman decode a life determined by deception, providing an intimate and fascinating portrayal of Houdini, the man and the star,” they add from the generation.

This year, too, it was found that Affleck is dating the Cuban actress Ana de Armas. And that romance is consolidated ordinarilly.

The couple was took pictures of together several times and their displays connected with affection in public are constant.

However, they seem to miss some level of privacy and so the actor is trying to buy a great island where he can take refuge with the actress.

The truth is that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are, today, the favorites connected with the paparazzi due to the unexpectedness of their courtship and the difference of 15 years between them. That time jump has caused their really like story to be dissected by the tabloid press, which, at first, did not provide them with much time together.

After spending typically the quarantine under the same roof, Spicilège celebrated his 32nd birthday having a party in the desert accompanied merely by Ben.

Their romance got on another dimension when the husband and wife appeared in the video for “Before the world ends” by Residente, obtaining and showing how much they really like each other. But it seems they are sick and tired of the press chasing them in addition to Affleck is trying to remedy this situation.

Affleck is still looking for an tropical isle paradise to go live with his girl. He has already contacted various organizations to send him their offers.

“He had his agent contact realtors in various places and they sent him or her the most luxurious options,” these people explained from their surroundings. And they included: “There is nothing he would not necessarily do for the woman he enjoys.”



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