Blues failed in their last test gallop. At the Yoyogi National Stadium Tokyo, which will house the Olympic handball tournaments beginning July 24, Guillaume Gille’s team lost five lengths against Denmark (28-33), double reigning world champion and candidate for his succession five years after his victory in the final in Rio against… the French team. Indeed, just three days after a superb offensive performance against Japan The Blues were able achieve the path they still hope to follow in the fight to win the medalsThey will face Argentina, Brazil and Germany at the end of the fortnight. Then they will face Spain, Argentina, Germany, Spain, and Norway. This will be their first step towards the podium. It will take place on August 7th..pepsia

Guigou, a significant problem for the Blues

The image of the Danes meeting will not be lost. it is that of captain Michaël Guigou who remained a spectator during the entire 60 minutes of play due to a hamstring problem. Hugo Descat, Montpellier’s left winger, was used throughout the game as a result of the 300 Blue selections player. We need to arrange the sequence because of small muscle tensions.“, According to Guillaume Gille’s comments collected by daily The team. While the French staff will have to leave one of the fifteen players selected in the stands to face Argentina this Saturday, Michaël Guigou’s injury is a problem. ” The moment someone is saved, there is no question. Guillaume Gille, Guillaume Gille’s captain confided that they pay close attention to this tiny muscle sore. Two days of testing are left to provide some clarity and help us know where we stand at the start of competition. “It is therefore not excluded that the Blues approach the Olympic tournament without their most experienced element.