The year 2020 has affected many relationships. Many Hollywood stars have been engaged during the exceptional year – and many have also divorced.

Only couples who were engaged at the time of their resignation have been brought together in this story.

Demi Lovato ja Max Ehrich

Singer Demi Lovato got engaged Max Ehrichin with in July 2020 after less than a year of socializing. The couple has since divorced. The difference was very contentious.

– You don’t pressure me to be anything but myself. And thanks to you, I want to be the best possible version of myself, Lovato rejoiced in his engagement release back in the summer.

Taraji P. Henson and Kelvin Hayden

NFL star Kevin Hayden and actress Taraji P. Henson resigned after a two-year engagement in the fall of 2020. Henson reported on the dissolution of the engagement on The Breakfast Club.

Henson’s first spouse William LaMarr Johnson was murdered in 2003. The relationship gave birth to one child, Marcell, in 1994.

Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos

Actress Jonah Hill and her fiancé Gianna Santos confirmed their engagement ended in the fall of 2020. The couple had time to be engaged for about a year. Peoplen according to the difference took place in a molten consensus.

Colbie Caillat ja Justin Young

Colbie Caillat and Justin Young were together for ten years. The couple got engaged five years before the divorce decision.

– It’s hard for us to tell about this, but we want to be honest. After ten lovely years, we have decided to resign. We started as best friends and will continue as best friends. We will continue to make music together even after the resignation, both said in Some in April 2020.