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FIA President Jean Todt attends the 1000 Ferrari Grand Prix in Florence. The man under whose leadership Ferrari has achieved the greatest success spoke very reservedly about the team’s achievements.

Jean Todt: “1000 Ferrari Grand Prix is ​​a lot. As a child, I rooted for Ferrari, then worked in this team, and now I look from the outside and remain neutral. My chapter at Ferrari is over.

But I don’t like it when someone has problems, it doesn’t matter who it is. I try to understand the reasons first. I can only say that the modern Ferrari is not like the team I joined in 1993. Then I would like to have such a basis for further work. Today Ferrari is a strong company, although some of its elements are out of place. “

Next year, changes will begin in Formula 1: there will be budget restrictions, and a year later the new regulations will come into force. Jean Todt would like to act even more radically …

“I’ve just been to Indianapolis and saw good races,” continued the FIA ​​president. – There are enough for some teams eight million dollars. Our sport is unique. This is a struggle between racers and cars with other cars. But over time, the technique has completely changed. And the world around her too. Climate change is in the first place for all countries. Without hybrid technologies, Formula 1 simply would not have survived. “

Many elements of the past, such as unlimited tests and the “arms race”, can no longer exist, Todt said: “It’s too expensive. It would kill the sport. If we can manage to use biofuels from 2023, there will be flexibility in the choice of engine architecture. Then you can think about a less complex power plant, if it remains no less effective. “

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said that with synthetic fuels, Formula 1 will become a more attractive platform for automakers than Formula E. Jean Todt took it with a smile: “I heard about this, but not personally from Mr. Diess, so I want to be careful in my statements. I don’t know if he really said so. If so, I can only say to him: “Welcome to Formula 1!”

I would rather have 12 teams instead of 10, and the high entry fee is sort of a guarantee that the candidate is serious. Once the new budget-constrained system is established, we can talk about bringing in new teams. Now we could not include this item in the Agreement of Consent ”.

Jean Todt added that he was impressed by the victory of Pierre Gasly at Monza, because surprises are the essence of sport. However, the president of the FIA ​​is against artificial measures to increase entertainment, such as reversing starting grids.

“I don’t like what happens in Formula 2 and Formula 3. I don’t consider it a race. Fake intrigue doesn’t work, ”Todt explained. “I will vote against this rule, but if it gets majority support, it will be adopted.”



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