Toast: Grip was lacking due to incorrect settings

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AlphaTauri are upset with the results of the Turkish stage and explain them by the fact that the team could not find the correct settings for efficient work on the wet track.

Daniil Kvyat (12th): “The day was not very eventful. I just drove the race and finished 12th – we could hardly have achieved more. I’m a little upset because we didn’t earn points. It is not very pleasant to fight the whole race with the car and in the end not get any reward.

The race was very difficult, luckily I made few mistakes except for one turn; it’s nice to get to the finish line in such conditions, it was a good concentration training!

In general, this weekend, our pace on the wet track left much to be desired, and we were unable to achieve efficient operation of the machine. It is necessary to understand what we did wrong and draw conclusions. “

Pierre Gasly (13th): “The whole weekend was very unfortunate for us. Yesterday the car worked very badly on rain tires, and since today the track was again wet, we knew that we would have big problems.

This is somewhat puzzling, because if we were doing fine in training on Friday, when it was dry, then we were simply too slow on both rain tires and intermediate tires. It was not possible to warm up the tires normally, which is why we had difficulties both in the third training session and in qualification.

Besides, we were fined today. We must understand what went wrong so that we can act better in the future if we find ourselves in similar conditions again. We have already received answers to some questions, nevertheless, we need to work better, and today I am upset. But that is already over, and we must prepare for the next races. “

Jonathan Eddolls, Chief Race Engineer: “Tough race and it all started with a fine imposed on Pierre. We were upset, but had to accept it and move on.

Initially, it was clear that a difficult day awaits us, because we started from the last row. After analyzing the unimportant results on Saturday, we drew some conclusions and tried to apply them today. I think we managed to achieve some improvements, but this was not enough to break through the peloton and fight for points.

The conditions were difficult, and I think I must admit that the car was not as fast as we might expect on a dry track. Now we need to study all the information collected and learn the necessary lessons to become stronger in the future. “

Franz Toast, Team Leader: “First of all, it’s great that we came back from Istanbul and at the beginning of the week we had a great advertising campaign in this wonderful city. The track here is also excellent, and on Friday the day was successful for us, we were competitive in the first two trainings, in both cases being in the first seven.

After that, we expected that in the remaining days of the weekend we will be able to show good results. Unfortunately, on Saturday the weather turned bad, it was raining, and everything went wrong. We couldn’t find the correct settings, Pierre qualified 15th, Daniel 17th. Of course, this was unpleasant, the car lacked grip due to incorrect settings.

After a fire in the power plant on Pierre’s car in Portimao, we decided to change it for safety reasons, since he could not perform well in qualifying. The decision was made last night, we turned to the FIA ​​and received permission. But due to penalties received by others, Pierre moved up to 13th position, so we wanted to keep the old power plant so as not to start from the last row.

We informed the FIA ​​about this, but we were still fined. We started the race from the end of the starting field and finished 12th and 13th, which is very frustrating because our car is potentially capable of more. ”



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