To the European and the NBA: the unprecedented decision that Boca made with his players for the Copa Libertadores

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The context of the pandemic led the club to a novel resolution to continue avoiding the coronavirus infections that had so conditioned the team.

For the match on Tuesday against Libertad, in the Bombonera, for the Copa Libertadores, Boca will put into practice a novel idea for Argentine football, but it has European roots and is common in the NBA: the squad will meet directly at the Yellow House prior to the game. No concentration in group.

The restart of the official competition after an eternal brake by the coronavirus pandemic led the schools and the different technical bodies to innovate in health measures, training and the use of technology applied to sport. And he also put them to the test with behavioral care beyond the day-to-day.

The decision made by Miguel Ángel Russo, who will return to the substitute bank after not traveling to Asunción or Medellín, was born from the search for avoid contagion risks in the coexistence prior to the matches.

The idea of ​​the coach is to seek a compromise in the behavior of each player before the games. Thus, in the end, it will be a first test that in addition to setting work guidelines also entails significant savings for the club in expenses for each meeting.

The squad will train this Monday afternoon in Ezeiza and then it will be released. Those players who were not called will practice this Tuesday morning, with a mandatory activation. And something else: they have to show up at 7:45 a.m. to share breakfast, supervised by the nutrition team.

Those who will be part of the substitute bank and those who will be holders, meanwhile, must present themselves two and a half hours before the game at the club’s facilities, in La Boca. There will be a snack, a review of the technical talk and an hour and a half before the start they will be in the changing rooms of the Bombonera.

The initiative that emerged from the coach also includes an idea to rest the players, after spending almost 20 days in isolation due to the outbreak of infections and seven more days between trips and concentration for the Cup matches.

That is why they will also have the day of Wednesday off, taking advantage of the fact that the next official commitment will be only on Thursday, October 22, against Caracas. Will the scene change after the game with Libertad? It’s a posibility.



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