Alex Owens-Sarno was eight years old when he ended up acting James Cameronin directed by the blockbuster. He starred in the 1997 Titanic, which premiered A girl named Cora, played by Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, in third-class passenger dances. Jack named Cora a “favorite girl” when she switched to a dance couple Kate Winsletin starring Rosen.

Alex from San Diego ended up in the film because his mother had taken him and his sister to open auditions for film assistants in Mexico. In the auditions, Alex had to say a couple of sentences to the camera and dance on the feet of the type of production in the room, as Cora’s character in the movie does with Jack. Alex defeated ten other girls involved in the auditions and assured her production skills. A couple of weeks after the auditions, he heard that he had been attached to the role.

– Mom cried and I cried, even though I didn’t even know what was promised. But I assumed something awesome, Alex recalled in his spring in a video interview.

Alex’s family members also ended up as assistants at the dance scene. It was also a shame that her three-year-old little sister had been given the role of a “crying little girl” in a scene where Billy Zanen played by Caledon, he grabs the little girl from the deck of the ship in her arms to reach the lifeboat with her help. However, according to Alex, the little sister could not stop shouting within the time limits required by the scene.

Alex has warm memories of working with Leonardo DiCaprio, who took the girl well into account.

– At that time, I was convinced that Leo was my best friend. He was really golden to me and my family. I actually spent quite a lot of time with Leon. He was among the first actors I met on my first day there, Alex recalls.

Alex remembers sitting on a shooting break In Leon’s arms eating the peanut sandwich Leo had asked him to bring him.

According to Alex, Leo tried to laugh children in the descriptions during shooting breaks, among other things, chasing these from behind and trying to itch. She also did fun dance moves to laugh at the kids.

Since then, Alex and Leo have not kept in touch. Alex says it’s no wonder he was eight years old and Leo 22 years old at the time of filming.

Alex has also revealed behind-the-scenes stories in his recent interviews. Among other things, he photographed with Leo a scene in which the duo draws together on Leon’s sketchpad. However, the scene was cut off from the finished film.

There was a sad ending to Cora’s character, but that didn’t end up in the actual film either. However, a scene in which Cora and her family get stuck in a locked stairwell of a ship and drown, however, was filmed.

– It was cut out of the finished film because the film’s test audience didn’t want to see Jack’s favorite girl die, Alex explains.

The role on the Titanic was so prominent that after all these years, Alex is recognized as the same little girl. He says people are going to talk to him about the movie. The identification also confuses Alex, as he feels changed between the ages of eight and 31. This is what he looks like today:

Alex is a graduate of the University of California. She works as an actor, but is also interested in a career in writing. She has her own with her friend production company, where they do, among other things, sketch entertainment.

Source: Unilad