More than a century after the sinking of the Titanic, the mythical ship sunk in the North Atlantic continues to generate controversy. There is an open debate about whether to recover or not the ship’s telegraph or the victims who perished in the shipwreck should be allowed to rest.

As the BBC, a legal battle has broken out between RMS Titanic Inc., a US company that has removed thousands of objects from the wreck, and the US Government. And is that to recover the ship’s communication system you would have to search an area where there might be human remains.

According to the US Government, the operation would violate federal law and would violate an international agreement which recognizes the ship wreck as a memorial site.

RMS Titanic Inc began mining objects in 1987. More than 5,500 have been recovered, such as plates, porcelains and coins. The problem is that a recent investigation reveals that the remains are deteriorating rapidly. So a race was started to recover the ship’s Marconi wireless system. The idea was to get it out next summer 2021.

At first, the justice endorsed the expedition, but federal lawyers appealed to ensure that the resting place of 1,500 passengers who died in the shipwreck be respected, although it is believed unlikely that human bodies will remain in the wreckage, although there is a section of the bow that is intact, with constant pressure, low temperatures, no flow and little oxygen, which could preserve organic matter for centuries.

For its part, the company believes that recovering the Marconi system can be a tribute to the 700 survivors, who managed to tell it precisely thanks to the operation of this device.