Familiar with Temptation Island Finland Vilma tells about his changed daily life with his recent video. Vilma and Juuso had a daughter in May.

Vilma says that Nella’s birth also affected her own independence. There is terribly no time of my own.

– In the beginning the baby is on the chest. Not started yet fixed. That’s why he’s caught in a fly. Juuso is not terribly helpful in breastfeeding, Vilma sums up with her recent video.

According to Vilma, it is worth investing in a relationship before the baby is born, for example by dating. She says there is no dating time after the baby is born as usual. In addition, she wants to be with the child as much as possible, so going on a date doesn’t feel as appealing as it did before the daughter was born.

According to Vilma, the relationship has changed with the birth of a child. For example, family dynamics have changed. However, love has remained strong.

– The relationship really changes as a pig. This is not understood until it happens, Vilma says.

Vilma says the amount of sex has decreased in a new phase of life. She says her body has changed with pregnancy and childbirth. Vilma also often asks Juuso to sit next to him. The couple has sex, for example, during Nella’s daytime sleep.

– However, sex remains and is, but it changes its shape, Vilma sums up.

You can see the full video from here.