Viivi and Lance, who have already participated in the Temptation Island Finland program for the second time, decided to resign last summer. The decision was made shortly after the filming ended. The line tells the difference between the backgrounds With the story feature of Instagram. The things that led to the resignation took a long time.

– Nothing happened on the island. He started to wake up to what was wrong, Viivi says in the video she shared.

According to Viivi, ex-lovers are still in the talk. Reconciliation no longer makes sense.

– Both have gone on with their lives. We are in the talk. It’s like friends walking around here. We have had to take a little distance, Viivi says in the video.

He does not regret Temptation Island’s participation in Finland, as there were a lot of friends left in the program. Also, the decision to leave the program in the middle of the season still feels right.

– I’m not lost, Viivi describes on Instagram.

The final decision to resign was made by Lance.

– Lance raised the resignation. I was willing to do anything to keep the relationship going. I probably couldn’t leave myself. Yes, I understand that the right decision, Viivi states now.

Iltalehti reached out to Viivi to comment on current rumors after the program’s descriptions. He said he was glad he realized he was leaving the program on time. The starting decision was preceded by varying moods.

– It was really confusing. Especially when it came to crying a lot. I had had a panic anxiety attack, Viivi recalls the mood before leaving.

Temptation Island Finland on Nelonen and Ruudu on Wednesdays and Thursdays.