Familiar with Temptation Island Finland Jenina “Jöbis” Vornanen is a fresh mother. Vornanen confirms the matter to Iltalehti in her newborn’s arms. Childbirth began a couple of days after the calculated time.

– Everything went well and I feel good, Vornanen is happy for Iltalehti.

Vornanen, who had been dating his current partner for more than a year, told Iltalehti in June that the couple’s happiness will be supplemented by a little one in the early autumn.

– Time has been calculated for the early autumn and the boy is coming, Vornanen said in June.

– I’m a little nervous, but I’m looking forward to it. I don’t really notice the difference yet, he continued.

New winds

Vornanen also said in the summer that the couple had recently moved to a larger apartment. He has said that the new loved one does not want to be in public. The couple has been dating for over a year.

Vornanen became known for the fifth production season of the Temptation Island Finland program, in which he participated together with his then boyfriend Juhon with. On the last nightfire, the couple decided to divorce.

– Good feelings about the trip, but on the other hand could have been missed. Yes, I would rather be Jöbis these days than TIS-Jöbis, he said in June.