The final end of summer is approaching and if with the change of season you have to do the closet, the same thing happens with tires. In the course of the hot season to the cold months it is necessary replace the car wheels with new ones.

And it is that after vacation trips and high temperatures, it is very possible that the tires have been affected and are damaged. Wear, cracks in the rubber or even deformations are some of the signs of use during these months.

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Also, keep in mind that many of the symptoms of this wear are not visible but They also compromise the road safety of those who drive the vehicle and of those who go around. The heat can cause a loss of pressure in the wheels, so their deterioration will be greater. Equally, the tread will heat up earlier, shortening the useful life of the rubbers.

On the other hand, faster travel on motorways or by worn sections affect the tread of the tires and consume them much faster.

Replace the wheels

For these reasons it is essential to change the tires for new ones after the summer months. If, in addition, you are one of those who bet on summer or winter wheels, you have twice the reasons to replace them, since the properties of both are not suitable in the changes of season.

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Some manufacturers recommend take advantage of the time change to renew the wheels, although once we have finished the holidays there would be no reason to wait to make the change. If, above all, it is observed that the tire is damaged or that the depth of the tread is less than 1.6 millimeters, the replacement should not be postponed.

Depending on the area in which you live, it may be interesting to bet on the winter tire thanks to its properties suitable for low temperatures. It is best to opt for reputable manufacturers and reject recycled tires.