He Good End 2020 It was officially announced a few weeks ago, where rumors about the possibility of bringing it forward to September were denied due to the economic situation of many businesses, however, what has been said is that to help merchants and reactivate the economy, the end The week with the best offers of the year in Mexico will be extended to almost 2 weeks of offers.

Officially Good End 2020 will take place from November 9-20, 2020, that is, we will have 12 days of promotions to be able to buy that product that we want or need so much. Beyond that, it is important to mention that the Good End will not be like the Hot Sale (which also had an extension in its duration), but that the event will include mostly physical stores, although online stores will also participate.

In fact, one of the reasons why the Good End is extended is to avoid the large crowds of people in physical stores during a weekend, so our first recommendation is that despite the desire you have to go To buy something from day one, go out with the necessary care and do it without company, because it is recommended that only one person per family enter the shopping centers.

Credit: Adam Nieścioruk via Unsplash

Do not make impulse purchases, go reviewing what you want to buy

Our first recommendation is that from this moment you start selecting the product you would like to buy, add it to your wish list and check the prices in different stores. If you usually go to the supermarket, also check what its price is, because, although it is not something that is done everywhere, sometimes products go up in price before sale events, in this way they return to their price ” common ”during the event and make us believe that it is a great deal when in fact it is not.

If you usually buy on Amazon, we leave you a tutorial so you can learn to identify if an offer is real in Mexico and other countries.

Another advantage that you can take is the bank promotions for months without interest and with discounts. Normally, in physical stores, in addition to months without interest, there are occasions where some monthly payments or money are returned to your card. In the case of online stores, Amazon normally offers months without interest along with an additional discount with Citibanamex and Banorte, while Mercado Libre usually has promotions with BBVA and other banks.

It is important to mention that for now no store has published how many promotions they will have or which banks will participate in months without additional interest and discounts, but it is certain that there will be such promotions.

What stores will participate?

For now, Concanaco Servytur has not revealed how many businesses will participate in Buen Fin 2020, but they should be approximately the same as in previous editions, so the most important and popular self-service and department stores in Mexico will probably be inside. With regard to online stores, probably Mercado Libre, Linio, Walmart, Soriana, BestBuy and Amazon will participate in the Good End, although until now none of these companies has announced anything about it.

We will update this note with the corresponding information when it is announced.

The 4 tips for safe online shopping

Andrés Velázquez, an expert in cybersecurity and with whom we have even spoken repeatedly on the subject, has given us 4 unbreakable rules to buy online:

  1. Verify that the site where you are going to buy has https in its URL, because it is an indicator that it has a security certificate
  2. Do not use the public Internet when making purchases online, since it is easy for someone else to intercept information on these networks.
  3. Limit yourself to buying only from well-known and reputable sites.
  4. Online stores and banks do not ask for bank information. If you receive a call requesting this type of data, you must hang up immediately.

Likewise, it is recommended that in online purchases you use secure payment services and that they do not provide your bank details as PayPal and Mercado Pago, and if you have digital cards in your bank’s application, it is also highly recommended that you use them for any online purchase.

As an additional tip, it is good that to avoid any possible contagion in physical stores you make payments from the phone with the compatible applications.

New edition, new raffle

As happens every year, users who buy at least 250 pesos in one of the participating stores will have a ticket to participate in a raffle that will have joint prizes of up to 500 million pesos. However, the details of this raffle will be revealed later.

What if you need help?

Another thing that will not be lacking will be the abuses and problems on the part of a business to respect prices and offers, in fact, Ricardo Sheffield, head of Profeco already mentioned that in previous editions one of the big problems in the Good End is that there are shops who do not respect prices and promotions, especially when they make a mistake when publishing the price.

For this edition there will be a thousand people attending to user complaints over the Internet and over the phone, so if you have a problem with a store, the first thing you should do is report it to Profeco and take evidence of the situation.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more information to this guide as it is revealed to offer you all the details and promotions so that you can take advantage of the Good End 2020.