Next October 13, the Prime Day 2020, which had to be delayed due to the pandemic, so Amazon’s most important sales event of the year will be on October 13 and 14, so you will have 48 hours of exclusive promotions for Prime members, so, If you want to shop smart, here are some tips.

1- If you are not Prime, this is the time to do it

Prime Day is an exclusive event for Prime members, so only users who pay for membership are entitled to enjoy the offers. If you have never tried Prime you can have a free month by subscribing from this link, but if you have tried Prime before and want to enjoy the offers, we recommend that you subscribe to the monthly plan for 99 pesos, this way you can cancel your subscription the next month if you only wanted to take advantage of the Prime Day offers, because you will save much more than what a one-month membership costs with all the available offers.

2- Before buying, check all the available promotions

Prime Day is not only about lower prices or discounts, because year after year there are promotions that if you do not pay attention to them you will miss them. Until the moment we are writing this note, we do not know what promotions there will be for this Prime Day 2020, but based on previous years we can say that it is very likely that there will be some bank promotions with a discount percentage depending on the amount of your purchase.

Also, many departments may have 2×1 promotions or special gifts, so pay attention to all promotions. Bank promotions for special discounts, 2X1 and interest-free months always appear in the Amazon “Promotions” tab that you can check in this link, so the first thing you should do is check out these promotions before making a purchase.

We say this because normally these promotions require you to include a code before paying, and if you do not include this code in the process, the promotion will not be applied, so check very well that the products you want to buy participate in the promotion and that you have the card correct banking.

3- Offers run out fast

Some offers have a limited inventory, and the most attractive ones are likely to be finished in a matter of minutes, so we recommend that you start reviewing the offers from the first minute of October 13, that is, at midnight, since many Sometimes some products are offered at such an attractive discount that they sell out in minutes and are never available again.

4- Check that the offers are offers

A short time ago we showed you how to check that an offer on Amazon is really an offer, because with everything and Prime Day a low price may not be the lowest for this product, which means that later you could even find it at a much cheaper price.

Of course, here you will have to evaluate if it is better for you to buy it on Prme Day even though it does not have its lowest price because combined with other promotions it will have an attractive discount, or if you prefer to wait to buy that product later.

If you want to know how to check if an offer is real on Amazon you can do it from here.

5- Go filling your wish list

The last recommendation is that before buying impulsively, you should already review what products you need or would like to buy, add them to your wish list and check their price and promotions on Prime Day, if you consider that they have not dropped enough or that the Other promotions of months without interest or discounts for purchase amounts do not suit you, so keep these products on your wish list and wait to buy them until later, total, there is still the Good End and Christmas.