Small spaces, tiny rooms and houses with a lack of square meters have found the right fit in the wave of organization and order, which rescues the smallest space in any room, and trends in decoration, which give a feeling of amplitude up to the apartments 30 meters. But the Swedish company Ikea has given another turn to the use of these spaces and has gone further.

Tiny Home ProjectIt is the new idea of ​​this giant of decoration and furniture to build small apartments that do not reach 20 square meters but that do not lack anything. These motorhomes, which fit the description of a small studio but also a caravan, They are the new proposal of the furniture multinational to combine habitability, mobility and sustainability.

The best? Is that this house can be hooked to any type of vehicle and roll out with it in tow. It is perfect for those who enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, for those who are caravanning or for those who need to move regularly for work.

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Small but enough

These Ikea tiny houses have a total of 17 square meters and there are no divisions between spaces, except for the fully functional bathroom. This creation meets the idea of ​​sustainability thanks to the two sun panels that are installed on the roof and that supply the interior with electrical energy.

While the exterior is clad in Japanese-inspired burnt wood, the interior is painted in pristine white that gives a feeling of light. In addition, the windows reign that let in the light in abundance.

The cost of this tiny apartment that, if tastefully decorated, can be most welcoming, reaches 40,300 euros without furniture but Ikea sells a fully furnished version for 53,700 euros. Do you want to take a look at it?