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Almost 10 years after Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, the famous Belgian character will be back in the cinema in a film by a French director with real actors.

Tintin finally returns to the cinema, but not in an ideal sequel to the Steven Spielberg The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn, shot in performance capture. No, the young Belgian reporter born from the imagination and pencil of Hergé will have new life in the cinema in a live-action film. According to Le Figaro, directing a new story from the comic series “The Adventures of Tintin” it will be French Patrice Leconte. The director de The man on the train, The hairdresser’s husband e Too intimate confidences revealed this to the director during the last day of the Montecarlo Film Festival de la Comédie Ezio Greggio, stating that the film’s inspiration will be the story published in 1963 “Castafiore’s jewels”.

Patrice Leconte, who is also a cartoonist, explained that a French producer is on his way to the United States to obtain the rights to “Castafiore’s jewels” and who already has in mind the actors who could play the Captain Haddock e Bianca Castafiore. Before turning to Tintin in live-action, however, the director must finish Maigret and the Dead Girl (The Maigret and the young dead), the film with Gérard Depardieu which should be released in 2021.

Castafiore jewels: this is the story that will tell the new film by Tintin

Castafiore jewels it is a real home mystery, set in the Moulinsart castle. In the countryside property of Captain Haddock makes an appearance Bianca Castafiore, famous, bulky and eccentric Milanese diva of opera, who inevitably brings with her a crowd of journalists, convinced that she is the girlfriend of Haddock. His jewels disappear twice, and since the place where the crimes take place is closed and therefore restricted, the investigation recalls the most classic of yellow. The first theft is not actually a theft, the second concerns an emerald donated to the soprano by the Maharaja of Gopal. At first, some Romany who have camped in a landfill near the castle are accused, but Tintin and the twins Dupont they are not convinced that they are the culprits, and so they begin to investigate thoroughly.


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