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Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock believes the team needs a completely new management structure to overcome the deep crisis in which Ferrari finds itself. For Glock, it remains a mystery why team leader Mattia Binotto still enjoys the support of the Ferrari leadership and continues to work.

“Binotto must have a concrete contract,” joked Timo Glock in an interview with Speedweek. – Usually, after such results, the manager resigns, but he continues to work. However, such results could not be the result of the actions of one person, the team needs a new radically different structure.

They took a chance with the power plant last year and are now paying the price. Ferrari has high hopes for the new regulation, but engine power is engine power and fixing this problem will take a long time. “

Timo Glock commented on Sebastian Vettel’s move to Racing Point, which from next year will be called Aston Martin: “Obviously, this is the best option for him. Maybe he will continue to work with them after the end of his career. He may have agreed on his role in Aston Martin after leaving Formula 1. In that case, he made a good decision. “



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