TikTokerin lies to everybody with an absurd being pregnant story

The TikToker Chioma Amber introduced on all platforms to be 16 years outdated and to be pregnant with triplets from a one-night-stand. However this story was an outright lie.

What do you not do for social media success? Younger folks specifically, who grew up with the hype surrounding Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, are apparently doing loads for it today. A TikToker named Chioma Amber went means too far. She claimed on all portals to be 16 years outdated and pregnant with triplets from a one night time stand. Now it got here out: Every thing was a lie!

Chioma Amber makes up a hair-raising story

“I get TRILLS from my ONS when I’m 16”, Chioma introduced her first video on YouTube. There she explains for a number of minutes how precisely the being pregnant took place. She and the alleged father of the triplets slept collectively whereas Chioma was on her interval and subsequently didn’t use contraception. However she is now wanting ahead to her three infants.

It goes with out saying that such a video would trigger fairly a stir and that Chioma’s story would even be a subject within the press. The allegedly 16-year-old even made loads of promoting for her Instagram account, on which you could possibly discover images of her child bump and even ultrasound photographs. A photograph wherein Chioma places her hand on her nonetheless small abdomen can now not be discovered there as we speak. Apparently, she has since deleted all being pregnant posts.

“I am not pregnant, I am simply fats”

As a result of: Chioma simply made it up. She is neither 16 years outdated neither is she pregnant. Former classmates of Chioma contacted “Promilflash” and made the journal conscious of the lie. In consequence, Chioma apparently felt underneath stress and now confessed on TikTok: “Hey guys! I am not pregnant, I am simply fats. I apologize that I led you all behind the sunshine. It was all an experiment as a result of I needed to see how the general public reacted, in addition to my personal surroundings. I by no means anticipated that it could all be so massive that my TikTok can be considered by three million folks. […] I hope you do not maintain it towards me. “

Solely Chioma herself is aware of whether or not it was actually an experiment or the intention to get a wider vary.

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