TikTok tackles ads that target body weight

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TikTok will ban ads for diet apps and pills, the company announced website. In addition, ads that portray a harmful or negative body image are limited. With the policy, TikTok wants to focus on a “positive, inclusive and safe” environment for users of the video app.

Ads that promote weight loss are not completely prohibited, but they are restricted. For example, this type of advertisement may only reach TikTok users 18 years of age or older and may not make an “irresponsible claim” about weight loss in the advertisement.

In addition, these types of advertisements should not portray a negative body image or a negative relationship with food. For example, it may concern statements that respond to dissatisfaction with the body.

“Stigma about weight and weight body shaming (condemning certain body types, ed.) pose individual and cultural challenges, “writes TikTok.” We know that the Internet can exacerbate the associated problems if they are not addressed. “

TikTok came out in late 2019 under fire because overweight people would be flagged as “special users” at extra risk for bullying. The social medium would have limited the reach of these individuals to protect them.



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