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TikTok has chosen his “Trusted technology partner & rdquor; to continue operating in U.S. The Chinese short video app has finally opted for Oracle after rejecting the offer I had of Microsoft, according to the American press. The closure of the operation has not yet been made public and will be subject to the approval of the Government of Donald Trump, which last August threatened to ban TikTok from its territory if it did not sell its operations to a US company. The conditions imposed by the White House, which has described the Asian technology as a threat to US national security, pushed TikTok to find a buyer before September 20, the deadline granted by the president.

Oracle es la ssecond largest software company the world and maintains very good relations with the White House. Larry Ellison, its founder, has organized fundraising events for Trump and Safra Katz, Oracle’s CEO, was part of the president’s transition team after his election victory in 2016. Those connections should help both the Administration and the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee approve the sale of TikTok to the Californian company. Shortly before the news broke, Microsoft made public in a statement that its offer had been rejected, an offer to which the supermarket giant had also joined Walmart.

“We were sure that our proposal would have been good for TikTok users and it would have protected national security interests & rdquor ;, Microsoft said in a blog on its website. “We planned to make significant changes to ensure that the service met the highest standards. security standards, privacy and the fight against disinformation & rdquor ;, adds the statement.

TikTok has almost 100 million users in the US, of the almost 700 million that it has globally. Trump got in his way, claiming that the Chinese government could potentially seize users’ personal data of the application, eventually putting some officials of his Administration in danger. TikTok has defended itself by claiming that its servers are all outside of China and has presented a lawsuit in court Americans. But everything seems to indicate that he will comply with the president’s conditions after being caught in the geopolitical struggle that the two powers wage, particularly bloody in the commercial and technological sphere.



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