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The Chinese social network TikTok He presented a petition to the US Justice this Wednesday to prevent the executive order issued by US President Donald Trump from taking effect and the application is prohibited in the country.

The popular platform, owned by ByteDance, filed the petition with District Judge Carl J. Nichols of Washington DC, and in it he alleged that a prohibition of these characteristics would attempt against freedom of expression and due process would be skipped.

In the documentation delivered to the judge, the firm asked that it be resolved before midnight on Sunday, the new deadline for a potential ban after the extension decreed by Trump himself last weekend after preliminarily approving the agreement reached between ByteDance and the US companies Oracle and Walmart.

If the judge does not agree to the petition and there is no news between now and Sunday, Google and Apple, which control the two main virtual mobile stores, would be forced to withdraw TikTok from them in the US in compliance of the presidential order.

Monday, Trump has already threatened not to definitively approve the agreement reached between Oracle and Walmart with ByteDance on TikTok if US companies do not have “total control” over the resulting company, despite having previously given their preliminary approval.

The two parties to the agreement – American and Chinese – have offered contradictory versions in recent days about whether ByteDance would continue to be a main part of the shareholding of the new company that is created to manage the business of TikTok en EE.UU.

According to the version of Oracle y Walmart -who will control 20% of the future firm-, most of the new company will be US-owned, but according to ByteDance, they will control the remaining 80% until its IPO takes place with an initial public offering within approximately one year.



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