TikTok asks American judge to declare ban invalid from Sunday

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TikTok has asked a US judge to stop a ban on the app from Sunday, court documents filed Friday evening (local time). The US Department of Commerce announced Friday that US residents should no longer be able to download the app from September 20.

The ban follows a decree from President Donald Trump in early August. In it, he calls TikTok a threat to US national security, because the app collects large amounts of user data.

With the step to court, TikTok’s owner, the Chinese company ByteDance, wants to try to have the decree invalidated. ByteDance calls the ban on the app politically motivated. The company also argues that the Trump administration’s action violates the US right to free speech.

In recent weeks, Trump has been pushing for negotiations with American companies to possibly stop a ban. ByteDance then signed a deal with software company Oracle. According to American media, the company would store the data of American citizens.

Trump doesn’t seem to settle for that. The US president previously pushed for a sale of TikTok’s US arm to an American company. ByteDance also negotiated with Microsoft, but that company announced on Sunday that it had not signed a deal.

The White House has not yet responded to ByteDance’s move to court.



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