Tik Tok and WeChat will be banned in the United States from Sunday

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WeChat has the days numbered in the United States, while TikTok buys time to finalize your sale to a US company. These are the main conclusions drawn from the measures announced this Friday by the Department of Commerce, the last chapter of the pulse that the Administration of Donald Trump with two of the chinese technology jewelry in the world. As of Sunday, downloads and updates of both applications will be prohibited in the US and, in the case of WeChat, also all money transfers and any type of internet services that allow the application to operate normally. Some restrictions that will not apply to TikTok until 12th of November.

WeChat will be the main loser of the screening, at least immediately, an application that combines services of Messenger service, social networks and transfers of money. Property of Tencent, the largest video game company in the world, has more than 1 billion users in the world, of which about 20 million use it daily in the US, mainly among the Chinese diaspora and companies with business in Asia. While WeChat will not be completely banned from Sunday, its functionality will be seriously affected, with speeds that will practically prevent the pages from loading, according to sources from Commerce. Its officials have also announced that in the future they could also veto it from being used by Americans living abroad.

“Today’s actions demonstrate once again that President Trump will do everything in his power to guarantee our national security and protect Americans from threats from the Chinese Communist Party“said the Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, after announcing the new measures. Ross has claimed that both apps pick up “vast amounts of data” of its users, from the identity of their computers, to the location data or their search history, basically the same as any other application does. “They are both active participants in the Chinese civil-military complex and they must cooperate on a compulsory basis with their spy services. “

Chinese censorship

His Administration has never presented evidence that the Chinese Government had access to US user data, and most experts believe that its arguments are nothing more than a pretext for shutting out Chinese technology. A strategy that is explained for political reasons, but also purely economic, given the growing threat that China represents for the hegemonic role of the United States in the world. It is also true that ‘Chinese hackers they have been accused of stealing information from US companies and government agencies. Or that Beijing bans the activity of many American applications and companies in its cyberspace. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google are censored in China.

So you could say that Trump is only doing what his geopolitical rival is doing with American technology, even though his maneuvers have little precedent in the world. free market capitalism North American. TikTok has not yet closed the blind. Commerce has given him until November 12, once the presidential elections are over, to finish solving his future.

The subsidiary of ByteDance It appears to have reached an agreement with Oracle and Walmart, also backed by various investment funds, to take over its operations in the US. But hardly any details have emerged and it is not clear that he meets the conditions of the White House, which requires his companies to take over the majority of the company’s capital. Oracle and TikTok have only said they have an agreement to partner, in which the ‘software’ company would lend cloud services and data storage to the Chinese app for short videos.

For the time being, TikTok will see your application no longer available on Apple or Google stores as of Sunday, although all those who have downloaded it before September 20 will be able to continue using it. The company is not happy with the latest Commerce guidelines. “We have already committed to applying some unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability, much larger than those with other applications, “said its spokesman.



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