Private planes, ecu yachts and champagne?

Road cyclist Tiffany Cromwell told the local newspaper Adelaide in the Sunday Mail what an everyday F1 star is like Valtteri Bottas with.

– It’s been quite a change in life, Cromwell says directly.

Bottas divorced his wife Emilia Bottas in November last year. Shortly thereafter, the helmsman was spotted in the company of Cromwell. So the couple has had one for less than a year.

The glamor of the F1 world is certainly a big change in Cromwell’s everyday life, but the woman also wants to highlight another important point in Finnish.

– F1 is of course a completely different world, but it has been great to have him by my side. He understands the requirements of a professional athlete so well.

Cromwell has publicly stated that he wants to one day be the best cyclist in the world. It requires meaningless chores, but when there’s another top athlete next door, life is easier.

– This has been different and nice when we have been able to balance each other’s species. That’s exactly what I want.

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Cromwell is often involved with Bottas in races. He enjoys the Mersu depot, where he has the opportunity to learn more about aerodynamics, for example. It is also useful for cycling.

– I know how much work is being done behind the scenes to win. Everything has to hit a button.

Still, that is not always enough either.

– You can be the best driver, but luck may not be on your side.

Bottas has also been seen at the Cromwell Games to encourage his mind.

– I feel like it has helped me get my motivation back when I have someone who believes and supports me, Cromwell praises.

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The dream lives

Cromwell knows that formulas are everything to Bottas in everything.

– I know what it means to him, the woman says and continues.

– I’ve seen the highs and lows. That’s why it’s fantastic to see him win. It’s nice to have his support there.

Cromwell enjoys being allowed to walk alongside Bottas as he pursues his dream.

– The World Cup is his dream, and Lewis Hamilton is, of course, a tough competitor, but the race is not over yet for this season, Cromwell assures.

Bottas is currently second in the drivers ’World Championships, 69 points behind Hamilton. There are still six races to go through.

Next time, the F1 circus is up and running as early as next weekend, when World Cup points will be fought in Portugal.

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Ilta-Sanomat was the first in Finland to report on Crmowell’s interview.