Ticiane Pinheiro describes relationship with ex Roberto Justus: ‘We get along very well’

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Ticiane Pinheiro opened the game about the relationship with Roberto Justus. On her YouTube channel, the presenter told us about the exchange with her ex-husband and father of the first daughter, Rafaella, 11 years old. “We have a lot of respect for each other. Rafa is a wonderful girl. I think it is very important for parents to get along. Even though we are no longer together, we get along very well. We always talk,” he said. .

Ticiane Pinheiro talks about the wedding with Cesar Tralli

Married to Cesar Tralli for almost three years, Ticiane guaranteed that there is no room for mistrust in the relationship. “We don’t have this jealousy thing. We are very partners, companions, accomplices. We have a legal trust. I trust him and he trusts me. It is a mature relationship. I think it took a long time in my life for me to achieve this. We mature and know who to trust. We know that the person is transparent. And I, thank God, have a partner like that. I am very happy “, he declared.

Presenter sees good side of social isolation

In a recent interview, Ticiane reported that the new coronavirus pandemic had a bright side: spending more time with his daughters. “I was with Manu the first time she crawled, when she ate the food. I’m following everything very closely. Before the quarantine, I was involved with two programs, ‘Swapping Wives’ and ‘Today,’. So, my life it was crazy. I can help Rafinha with home schooling. She gets closer. I know what she’s doing. My husband has been working a lot, but at night we have dinner together. On weekends, we’re not working and we enjoys a lot with the family “, he detailed.

Journalist praises attunement among daughters

According to Ticiane, she divides well between the two girls. “While Rafa is studying, I pay attention to Manu. In the afternoon, when Manu is sleeping, my attention goes to Rafa. Me and Rafinha play a lot. We play with dolls, play soccer in the hall, ping pong where we set up a network on our lunch table or played cards. Afterwards, Manu wakes up and we are playing in the playroom. Always the three of us. Right at 8 pm, Manu sleeps and we are going to dinner together with Cesar ” .

Businesswoman cites importance of family in her life

Ticiane also said that the family uses technology as an ally to kill homesickness: “We talk on the phone, video call, but we haven’t met. So, the first thing I want to do when all this ends up is hugging a lot my parents, my brothers, give them lots of kisses and hugs and stay on my mother’s lap. Have lunch at her house, call the whole family to have lunch here at home. I think that’s what I miss most, right? their affection, to be with them and this distance from them to me is very difficult. I am very close to the family “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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