Tiago Leifert speaks of the expectation for the birth of his daughter: ‘I will leave the studio and run away’

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First-time father, Tiago Leifert is looking forward to the birth of Lua, his first daughter with journalist Daiana Garbin. According to the presenter, he will leave the recording of “The Voice Brasil”, which opened with great emotion, to accompany the delivery. “She can be born at any time, right. And if I’m recording, I’m going to run, I’m going to leave the studio, I hope you understand. And then Telozinho, Iza, they play. Lulu, Brown, they play and people will turn around later “, he joked behind the scenes of the program.

Tiago Leifert talks about fatherhood

In addition to the four coaches of the season, Tiago has the support of Jeniffer Nascimento and also summoned André Marques to hold the ends in an emergency. Leifert also said that people ask if he will be more emotional with the arrival of the baby. The presenter then explained that he was trained by “The Voice”, since in reality he has to deal with feelings with each new episode. “They always ask me, ‘Oh, are you going to be more emotional?’. You can’t do that anymore, right? At The Voice Brasil, it’s already over the limit,” he said.

Daiana Garbin celebrates the arrival of 9 months

At the beginning of the month, Daiana published on Instagram the belly next to Tiago. “We arrived at 9 months. We will complete 40 weeks on the 28th, but Lua can arrive at any time. Getting pregnant is a fascinating experience. Feeling a baby growing inside you is a sensation that I can define as a mixture of love, joy, strength, courage, fear and insecurity. It is curious how we can feel all this at the same time “, he commented.

Journalist says what she learned during pregnancy

Daiana also cited pregnancy learning. “In those 9 months, my daughter has taught me so much about patience, about waiting for life to develop. Soon I, always so anxious and immediate, I feel calm in these last weeks to wait for you, to know you and learn to be your mother. We are ready, Moon! “He wrote.

Youtuber redoubles care to maintain the health of mother and daughter

Daiana adapted medical appointments due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus and prenatal care has been done remotely, respecting the guidelines for avoiding crowding. “I do all the consultations online and go to the doctor only for ultrasound, once a month. I’ve been quarantined since before the official start. The last time I left home was usually on March 12, Tiago was following the news and called me very worried, asked me to cancel all appointments that day “, he reported in a recent interview.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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