Ti-Ti Teddy mother Riitta Korpela, 63, has long struggled to secure the future of the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear. Now the light can be seen again at the end of the tunnel, when the Ti-Ti Nalle House continues to operate in Koskilinna in Hämeenkyrö, in a wonderful setting.

Ti-Ti Tuotanto Oy has entered into a cooperation agreement with the municipality of Hämeenkyrö for the establishment of a new Ti-Ti Teddy Bear House. Koskilinna, which is more than three thousand square meters, opens up many new opportunities for Korpela and the Ti-Ti Nalleperpe, when a large year-round family culture center is planned around the house.

Korpela, who has fascinated Finnish children with Ti-Ti Teddy Bear stories for as long as thirty years, is enchanted that teddy bears will have a new opportunity in Hämeenkyrö.

– I sincerely humble glad that the Municipality of Hämeenkyrö Antero Alenius its call was played by the fact that they want the Ti-Ti brand in the municipality of Hämeenkyrö and at the forefront of tourism. This feels good now. I am honored that my nallebrändiäni valued so much that we are ready to invest to much, Korpela says Iltalehti.

Korpela believes that the story of the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Family continues to be even more glorious in the new framework. Koskilinna has, among other things, a ballroom, a restaurant and a three-storey attic, which open up new opportunities for activities.

Hard times

Korona has canceled numerous gigs with teddy bears from Korpela, and Ti-Ti Tuotanto Oy, founded in 1989, has had a difficult time even this year. In the financial year ended February 2019, the company made a loss of EUR 199,000 with a turnover of EUR 398,000. A year earlier, the company made a loss of EUR 118,000 with a turnover of EUR 552,000.

The Ti-Ti Nalle House once started operating in Ikaalinen, where Korpela ran the house for almost twenty years. After that, the activities were temporarily transferred to external entrepreneurs in Lempäälä Ideaparkk.

In Lempäälä, however, operations ceased until the license agreement expired in March 2020. The operations of the future Ti-Ti Nalle House are again in Korpela’s own hands.

Despite the difficulties, Korpela has been hopeful about the future of teddy bears. During his long career, Korpela, who has sold more than a million records and DVDs and given concerts with the Nalle Family all over Finland, has long hoped that the Ti-Ti Nalle Family would find a place where teddy bears could be met all year round.

Light at the end of the tunnel

When it became clear that the operation of the Ti-Ti Nalle house could be resumed, Korpela sighed with relief. He finally gets to tell the fans that the teddy bears have a new home, and the business can be planned in a bigger framework in the future.

– This feels incredibly wonderful, especially at a time like this, when you feel like you’re just reading bad corona news. I’m really taken and really excited about this and look forward to the future and yes this a lot of great co-operation, says Korpela.

Hämeenkyrö as a place also feels especially pleasant for reviving the operation of the teddy bear house. Many other activities have also been planned for the site, which will support recreational opportunities for people of all ages in Hämeenkyrö

– I’ve always wanted to collaborate with different parties, and I do not so much in their own nurkassani pakertaa there, and now this same connection will also be related to other entrepreneurs, family culture, she sighs.

The work of dreams

Ti-Ti Nalle has been Korpela’s life’s work. He himself plans to do a lot of work for the operation of the new teddy bear house as well, and is not yet dreaming of retirement days.

– Rather, when it’s been a long time here to get a decent job again, then this is such that your fingers get itchy. Now he knows that what he does when he grows up, Korpela laughs.

Teddy bears also employ Korpela in other fields. Although the teddy bear family’s concerts have had to be canceled this year because of the corona, there is also considerable recovery on this front. During the latter part of the year, the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Winter Concerts will be held safely in Kerava, Hyvinkää, Mikkeli and Iisalmi, among others.

In addition, this year Korpela has started versatile streaming services with the Ti-Ti Teddy Bear Family. In December, a screened theatrical performance called “Ti-Ti Teddy Bear’s Christmas Story” will be seen at Tampere Comedy Theater.

– There are plenty of jobs, but I’ve never been afraid of jobs. I do this as long as my leg rises.