Thürmer to the Index: It was an experience to walk the streets of Minsk

Struggling on Twitter, the Index noticed that Alexander Lukashenko had consulted with Gyula Thürmer.

The meeting was also reported by the Belarusian state media reportedbut substantive details not shared.

The Index contacted the “Internet and Propaganda Department” of the Hungarian Labor Party, where it was indicated that we can find information about the trip primarily on their website. Then we reached Gyula Thürmer, who was still in Minsk, and he repeated the word on the website almost word for word. communication.

We inquired about what the discourse was about during the meeting with the Belarusian head of state. The leader of the far-left Hungarian dwarf party did not go into details, but said:

Thürmer added:

By the way, Thürmer was received by Lukashenko on the same day as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to press reports, Lavrov about it he spoke, It is in Moscow ‘s interest to stabilize the situation, which will be achieved through constitutional amendments.

Thürmer believed that this is exactly what is happening now: the situation is stabilizing, institutional reforms and constitutional amendment have been launched. According to him, the demonstrations were not as big as they were before, and their goals also changed.

He said.

– said the veteran Hungarian politician, adding: according to him, the West would really like to get its hands on the state property of Belarus. Thürmer argues: an adult is a generation that no longer has what is given and wants more.

During his visit, the leader of the Hungarian Labor Party also gave a lecture at the Minsk State University, where he discussed Hungary and how Hungary is trying to achieve its independence. From whom and from whom, Thürmer did not elaborate.

Asked how he assessed the violent actions of the security forces against the protesters, Gyula Thürmer stated:

Recently, the Index also wrote that the Lukashenko regime is still standing despite a steady wave of protests since the disputed presidential election on 9 August. Violent organizations, on the other hand, are increasingly cracking down on protesters who are no longer safe in their own homes. The goal of power is to break the opposition. If, on the other hand, the protesters do not take to the streets in the winter as well, the regime will come out victorious from the fight.

(Cover photo: Gyula Thürmer, President of the Hungarian Workers’ Party, will hold a press conference in downtown Miskolc on May 22, 2019. Photo: János Vajda / MTI)



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