Three TikTok influencers are unable to stop TikTok’s download ban

Three influencers have failed to enforce a pause on the upcoming TikTok ban in the United States through the courts, reports The Verge.

US President Donald Trump wants a download ban because the Chinese government might spy through the app. Trump is demanding that the American part of TikTok comes into American hands – otherwise a download ban will follow on Sunday, and a total ban two months later.

TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance now has a deal with the American Oracle and Walmart, but it is not yet finalized. Trump has said that he is satisfied with the content of that deal.

The three influencers, Douglas Marland, Cosette Rinab and Alec Chambers, collectively have nearly seven million followers on the video app. They fear economic damage if the download ban is allowed to apply to the app.

In the judgment, the judge points out that it only concerns a download ban. The three influencers can therefore continue to create content for the followers they already have at the moment.

Later in the day, the judge will rule in a similar case by TikTok itself against the US government. It is therefore not yet clear whether the app will indeed no longer be available for download in the United States.



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