Three-state courts reject Trump’s election fraud claims

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The president walks inside the official car in front of the thousands of followers who demonstrate this Saturday in his favor in Washington

Donald Trump believes what he wants to believe despite the fact that this week he has suffered one setback after another in the courts of the states where he filed lawsuits to overturn the counting of votes by mail or invalidate the certification of ballots on the grounds that there had been fraud . Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona have turned their backs on the president of the United States and ended their lawsuits by making the inevitable more and more inevitable, something that the president’s advisers seem to be admitting privately, that the victory of Joe Biden is a fact. incontestable. The outgoing president approached this Saturday by car and greeted supporters who have demonstrated in Washington through the window in support of his unfounded accusations.

In the case of Pennsylvania, once again, the president does not want to attend to the facts. After learning that two judges dismissed six appeals filed by his campaign, the Republican insisted that he had won in that state. “They did not allow us to see 700,000 votes in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which means, based on our great Constitution, that we won the State of Pennsylvania!” The outgoing ruler wrote on his Twitter account.

“This election is rigged” was another of the big headlines that Trump gave on Twitter. And yet, during a press conference he gave on Friday afternoon to report on the progress of the vaccine against the covid-19 virus , Donald Trump seemed to have a slip in his closed denial speech and made a reference to a future Biden Administration that would be in charge of the coronavirus. “This Administration will not go to a lockdown. We hope that, whatever happens, who knows what government will be … Time will tell, but I can say that this Government will not go to confinement.

Biden currently has the same number of electoral college votes that Trump had in 2016. But in addition, the Democrat has also defeated the Republican in the popular vote with a difference of more than five million votes.

To strengthen the confidence that the president has been showing by declaring himself the winner of the elections on November 3, thousands of his followers have converged this Saturday in Washington from different corners of the United States. The city that took to the streets a week ago in droves to celebrate the triumph of President-elect Joe Biden has witnessed this morning a horde of Trump supporters who refuse to admit the Democrat’s victory. To encourage his bases, the US president made a brief appearance from the official car an hour before the call for the demonstration in the heart of the capital. “Four more years! Four more years!” Shouted his followers, most of them without masks. The banners called for “stop fraud” and for the “legal votes” to be counted.

In the American capital 90% voted for Biden, but this Saturday the other America has been present. There were no T-shirts with the slogan “Black lives matter” or masks of the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as is often the case in Washington demonstrations. Now American flags, military pants and even cowboy hats reigned. Dozens of members of the Proud Boys, a far-right group that the FBI links to white nationalism and misogyny, traveled to the capital. They did not speak to the press, but shouted at the top of their lungs through the streets of the city center “Fuck the Antifa.

Mary, 57, traveled from northern Virginia because, she explains, “no one understands what is going on, at least none of us who follow Trump.” Replicate the terms the president uses. He talks about the “witch hunt”, the Russian plot and the “stupid” process of impeachment. In the background, a Venezuelan woman speaks through a megaphone about how good the economy was before the “Chinese virus” arrived. He also mentions the second amendment to the US Constitution, which defends the right of the people to have and bear arms, and the thousands of Trumpists explode in applause and shouts of joy. Some wear shirts with stamped weapons and others even American flags where instead of stars there are pistols.

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