Three must-see documentaries on Netflix about music stars

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One is about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Another, about Beyoncé. And a third, about Travis Scott.

Music lovers can’t just listen to music all the time, discover new artists, or spend hours repeating the same band. For this reason, Netflix proposes a series of films to find out the stories behind each song, the hours before a show and what the singers are like in the intimacy of the home. Here are three must-see documentaries about stars of the music industry.

The documentary focuses on telling how were the months when John Lennon recorded one of his most important albums, Imagine. In addition to showing the extensive recording sessions for the songs that shaped the album, it reflects the relationship between John and Yoko, whom the National Music Publishers Association eventually recognized as the co-author of that album.

During the hour and a half, unpublished material and a series of interviews with people who were witnesses of that time are shown. Musicians speak like Alan White and Klaus Voorman, personal assistants, managers, producers and photographers David Bailey and Kieron Murphy.

The direction was in charge of Michael Epstein, who was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary for The Battle Over Citizen Kane. It shows how the commitment to some social struggles and adherence to political measures of both protagonists have a great influence on the lyrics of the album.

Family moments also take on importance. It is seen to Julian Lennon as a child jogging through the parks and boating while his dad paddles. The heir appears as a grown-up and tells of his childhood in the Tittenhurst Park mansion, in Ascot, in the county of Berkshire, England.

It is a film starring Beyoncé and closely and intimately follows the artist’s presentation at Coachella 2018. It was a historic concert, as it became the first African-American woman to headline the festival’s schedule.

It shows how was the preparation of that concert, which marked the singer’s return to the stage, after giving birth to her twins. During the show, the audience had several surprises. She lived a unique moment with the reunion of Destiny’s Child and her husband, Jay-Z, took the stage to sing songs from his album with her The Carters.

During the more than two hours of duration, which are directed by the artist herself and Ed Burke, the importance of cultural representation within the music industry is emphasized.

Travis Scott He is one of the most successful rappers in the world. He is also known for being the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the clan. Kardashian and with whom he has a daughter, Stormi Webster.

The documentary directed by White Trash Tyler, who was behind the controversial video Famous by Kanye West, delves into Scott’s last two years, which include the release of his hit album Astroworld. The film tries to show that in addition to being a superstar with a fleet of luxury cars, he is a human being who loves his family and his hometown in Houston.

The story does not follow a timeline and mixes videos of his childhood with intimate moments with his daughter. The first interviews she gave in which she said she wanted to make a mark and her performance at the Super Bowl. In addition to the successful moments, there are also present the fears and anguish of the singer, who currently wants to be president of the United States.



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