Three movies starring Oscar Martínez to watch on Netflix

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While he is in Spain finishing the postponed filming of “Official Competition”, together with Penélope Cruz, there are three recommended films to enjoy his talent: “Live twice”, “The same blood” and “The illustrious citizen”.

Oscar Martínez heads the list of the most popular and box office Argentine film actors along with Ricardo Darín, Guillermo Francella, Diego Peretti and Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Author and theater director, he has also shone on television and in theater. But in recent years, he turned exclusively to the big screen, distributing jobs in Argentina and Spain.

A few days ago it was learned that Martínez is in Madrid filming the final stretch of Official competition, the new film by Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn that had to postpone filming in February due to the pandemic.

Waiting for that new film project that he will star alongside Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, it is worth re-enjoying your talent in three of his latest movies, all available on Netflix.

Emilio is a retired academic professor and widower living in Valencia. After his retirement, he has a routine of eating in the same bar and solving the magic cube as a hobby. One day everything changes: he is prevented from finishing the Rubik’s cube, and the streets are confused when he tries to return home. Emilio is diagnosed with the first stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

So he decides to go on a crazy and revealing journey with his daughter Julia (Inma Cuesta) and his granddaughter Blanca (Mafalda Carbonell). Before the illness worsens and his memory begins to fail, the family will help him seek the love of his youth.

Along the way they will find the opportunity for a new life without traps. Controversial decisions and setbacks will lead them to confront the deceptions on which they have ridden their lives.

This Spanish dramatic comedy directed by María Ripoll -based on a script by María Mínguez- is the most recent work by the Buenos Aires-born actor.

Martinez develops one of his darkest roles in this Argentine thriller by Miguel Cohan. Here he plays Elijah, a man who tries to manage the field he inherited from his father (Norman Briski) as you can. While he awaits a commercial deal with abroad to settle his debts, his (ex?) Wife Adriana (the Chilean Paulina García), with whom he lives despite being separated, is unable to give him the emotional or financial support that Elías demands from him in a difficult time.

When Adriana turns up dead in a confusing situation, Santiago (Diego Velázquez), the partner of her daughter Carla (Dolores Fonzi), begins to distrust her father-in-law. The tragedy will dust off old family secrets, in a film that seeks to challenge the viewer from Elías and his questionable morality.

In this masterpiece by the Cohen-Duprat duo, Martínez puts himself in the shoes of Daniel Mantovani, an Argentine writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature that forty years ago he left his town and left for Europe, where he succeeded writing in a pejorative way about his hometown, Salas, and his characters.

Accustomed to rejecting interviews, awards, and conferences, Mantovani receives an invitation from the Mayor of Salas to attend the appointment as an “illustrious citizen.” Against all odds, Montavani decides to make a dent in his busy schedule and agrees to travel to Argentina.

Once there, he will meet old and new acquaintances like Antonio (a brilliant Dady Brieva) his best friend from school; Irene (Andrea Frigerio), his ex-girlfriend who is now married to Antonio: and with an attractive fan of his work who will soon bring him problems.

With this consecrating paper, Martínez won the Best Actor award at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival.


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