Three decades after the fatality Juan Manuel Bordeu, the TC symbol that loved Graciela Borges yet could possibly certainly not competition in Strategy 1

On Nov 24, 1990, an abrupt leukemia took the lifestyle of “Maneco”, proprietor of a fish story connected to Street Tourist. The interest for the sporting activity of a “straightforward automobile racer”.

Even with a disappointed encounter in Strategy 1, under the buying of the five-time planet champ Juan Manuel Fangio, the Balcarceño Juan Manuel Bordeu he gained a location in motorsport record through dent of ability and also tenacity on the messy roadways that Road Tourist journeyed in the 1960s.

On Nov 24, 1990, a fulminant leukemia took the lifestyle of an individual that also mentioned that he certainly never “had” the TC champion succeeded in 1966. It is actually that humbleness was just one of his principal characteristics and also for that reason he viewed themself as “a basic automobile racer” and also certainly not as “an athlete”.

Juan Manuel Bordeu was actually born upon January 24 in Mar del Plata, yet he matured in the family members farm “Los angeles Peregrina” in Balcarce, an area that embraced him and also covered him in order that “Maneco” could possibly take his very first steps in country activities. When he was actually incredibly youthful, he desired competing cars and trucks. His 1st exchange a TC got on December 19, 1954 when he certified 8th in a Reynal O’Connor Ford Coupé in Mar del Plata.

The summer season of 1959 was actually none additional in the lifestyle of “Maneco” Bordeu, due to the fact that he chose his automobile to Mar del Plata and also dropped in Chascomús to “extend his lower legs and also eat”, at the dining establishment “Volume y Traiga”, where he located his pal Eduardo Larroca resting at a dining table along with Fangio.

Larroca said to Fangio that his pal Bordeu desired to ethnicity in Europe yet possessed no get in touches with to arrive. After that the five-time Formula 1 champ called him to a workplace in Buenos Aires and also delivered him to the Outdated Continent.

” ¿ Vos fumás?”, He inquired him prior to getting along the aircraft and also, after obtaining a “basically” solution, he created it very clear that “to operate in Europe you do not need to smoke.” In Europe, it became referred to as “Fangio’s hen.”

Currently in the UK, Bordeu possessed a remarkable crash assessing a Formula 1 Lotus at the English Godwood circuit and also there his desire in the best festival of planet motorsports was actually stopped. Consequently, he came back to Balcarce and also dedicated themself to the venture of operating in Street Tourist and also It was actually Ruben “Toto” Fangio, Juan Manuel’s bro, that handcrafted the Coupé, a copé that came from the “Sapito” of Venado Tuerto, Marcos Ciani.

On March 3, 1963 in Olavarría, the time the well-known Juan Gálvez shed his lifestyle, Bordeu premiered the widely known “Coloradita” and also was actually 3rd. In the end of 64, he presumed to succeed the Argentine Grand Prix of TC when he was actually currently becoming a terrific competitor of the “Gringos” of Olavarría, Dante and also Torcuato Emiliozzi, that were actually four-time champs of the classification.

His devotion was available in 1966. The Balcarceño succeeded 9 of the 36 TC ethnicities that year and also was actually the legit champ after 25 years of dry spell for the Chevrolet company.

Throughout his lifestyle, Bordeu possessed pair of crashes that could possibly cost him his lifestyle: the 1st resided in the 2 Seas of 1955, at the going across of the Andes, when he endured burns coming from boiling water that maintained him far from the ethnicities for a very long time. As well as the 2nd incident developed on July 21, 1969, the time male got to the moon, in Los Cóndores, Córdoba.

That time, the Dodge Polara blasted a main tire, turned and also fired up Bordeu 200 gauges coming from the automobile. The aviator endured a defective clavicle, 7 ribs, an upper arm, a lower leg and also a shoe.

In overall, Bordeu succeeded 21 ethnicities in Turismo Carretera, where he likewise attained pair of second bests: one along with Chevrolet, in 1964 and also an additional along with Dodge in 1971.

The Balcarceño gotten married to in a 2nd weddings along with the starlet Graciela Borges, and also coming from that union the star Juan Cruz Bordeu was actually endured. He was actually an innovator of the ACA, head of state of the Juan Manuel Fangio Base, and also undersecretary of Athletics and also Relaxation for the district of Buenos Aires.

After diing at 56, Fangio regreted the fatality of his pal: “Juan Manuel has actually certainly not perished. By means of my task I have actually endured lots of reductions coming from dear individuals that have actually certainly never craved me; Juan was just one of all of them … This will certainly last permanently. When our experts meet along with his buddies, our experts will certainly carry out things we understood he suched as, as if he were actually along with our team. Given that really he is actually heading to be actually “.




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