Thousands of Argentines say goodbye to Maradona in the presidential palace

Thousands of Argentines said goodbye to Diego Maradona in Buenos Aires on Thursday. The football legend died on Wednesday from the consequences of a heart attack.

Thousands more Argentines on their way to Buenos Aires

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The coffin containing Maradona’s body arrived at the presidential palace in the Argentinian capital on Thursday morning (local time). When that became known, thousands of fans gathered in front of the Casa Rosada entrance.

The gates of the palace opened on Thursday morning, after which thousands of emotional Argentines gave a final greeting to their idol. The authorities have placed crush barriers outside the palace to keep the influx of fans in the right direction.

Maradona’s body lies in a closed wooden box with his Argentinian football jersey and an Argentinian flag on it. The many emotional fans who walked past the coffin threw flowers, shirts and flags at the body of the deceased Maradona.

According to Argentine media, thousands of fellow countrymen from Maradona to Buenos Aires are still on their way to pay the former star footballer one last tribute.

Due to Maradona’s death, the Argentine government declared three days of national mourning on Wednesday. Maradona, who was active as a player from 1976 to 1997, is considered one of the greatest football players of all time.



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