“Those were the four worst days of my life”

What else can Chrissy Teigen endure? On Instagram, the model indicates that she has to go through hell again.

Chrissy Teigen, 34, can be seen how badly she is. No wonder, after all, the wife of John Legend, 41, has had to go through hell in the past few weeks. The miscarriage in the sixth month, the mourning for the dead son “Jack” – all of this seems to have taken a toll on her. And evidently the valley of tears has still not passed.

Chrissy Teigen needs her mother

Chrissy does not reveal in her post what exactly she has to go through at the moment – she just says: “At some point I’ll tell you the latest story of the toughest four days of my life. At the moment I’m just here and need my mom.”

The model writes the meaningful words under a photo, which she shows together with her mother Vilailuck, also known as “Yay” or “Pepper”. The Teigen girls are lying on a sofa, snuggled close together. Chrissy hugs her mom very closely, Pepper holds her daughter tight in her arms. Chrissy’s little daughter Luna, four, is also there. She cuddles up against her mother from behind, Grandma Yay hugs her too. The three Teigen women stick together, even in the most difficult times. This can be clearly seen in the picture. BS: Legend-Teigen family

Woman power against grief

You can clearly see in the photo that Chrissy is not doing well. She has no make-up, her face is swollen, she seems to have cried a lot in the last few hours and days. Did the 34-year-old get another devastating diagnosis from the doctor? Not clear. What is certain, however, is that she now seems to need her mother more than ever. And for Yay it seems to be a matter of course to be there for her child in this situation.

As bad as the past days, weeks and months may have been for Chrissy Teigen, the mother of two has a loving family around her who always support her. And that might help her through this black time in her life.

Source used: Instagram


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