One of the great unknowns of the coronavirus is knowing how infections occur, during how long an infected person transmits it, who are the ones who transmit it the most … But now, a revelation from Russia can change everything.

According to Anna Popova, director of the Russian control body Rospotrebnadzor, revealed this week that “we have evidence that a person who has already recovered from Covid-19 continues excreting the virus for up to 90 days “.

This expert says that “the observations made in Russia indicate that the patient cured of the disease continues to secrete the virus about 48 days, although scientists from other countries have determined that this period can be extended to 90 days “

Popova, pick up the Russian agency TassThis should lead to establishing a period of at least 90 days of prevention against infections that may have been caused by those infected. According to this expert, “those recovered are people who do not have symptoms, the indicators of their blood tests are excellent, but they secrete the virus through the nose. ”

In this sense, another Russian virologist, Anatoli Anstein, explained that a patient cured of coronavirus “remains dangerous for his environment for an average of two weeks, but there are exceptions. There are those who retain the ability to continue infecting for much longer” . In fact, according to this expert “there are not even full guarantees against reinfection after getting vaccinated; the vaccine only increases the chances of avoiding contagion. “

On the seasonality of the virus, Popova says that “Covid is acquiring seasonality. For now, it is a forecast that such an assumption is confirmed, but it is quite objective. In the southern hemisphere the incidence of the disease increased during the winter, while in the northern hemisphere, the peak moments have been during the spring and now in the autumn.