“This year we’re coming to your home”: Boldi and De Sica show about their vacation on Mars in a very video interview

The rediscovered comedian of the Christmas laugh, Roscoe De Sica and Massimo Boldi, tells us in this video interview the newest vacation film that has just also been released in streaming and in which Neri Parenti takes us on a trip on Mars.

Here they are with each other again after breaking off annually off with Friends as before. Massimo Boldi e Christian Via Sica back to headed simply by Black relatives to reform a good team that has shaped the history involving Italian comic cinema, from the cinepanettone to the various and sometimes different préférences to laugh. Collections of fairy tales, crises and highs are usually in their own way a litmus test out for the highs and lows of the country. This time, they have faced an incredibly strange challenge, treading the path involving space Vacation on Mars. A positive return to comedy, which consisted of misconceptions, and also on this occasion refused a romantic relationship between the two even as father and even son. All the fault of a african american hole. Along with them there are performers of the caliber this time Milena Vukotic, Lucia Mascino and Paola Minaccioni.

But let’s tell us about it, a good Massimo Boldi e Christian Via Sicawho tell us how they found the other Vacation on MarsCovid reaches this homes of its viewers and can not get Covid to go to the movies. Typically the film is already available on electronic platforms when streaming.


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