Some days ago Xbox began to send the first Xbox Series X to the media and journalists in the United States to test the performance of what is technically the most powerful console of the new generation, and which has demonstrated impressive load times in current and current games. past generations, so it remains to be seen how it will perform in next-generation games, which will arrive in early November for Xbox and PlayStation.

One of the things that was discovered was free storage for users on the Xbox Series X, because of the 1TB that Xbox mentioned that it came in Series X, there is only 802 GB free for installing games and applications.

The above is because it takes 198 GB of storage space for the operating system and system files, in fact, this amount was very similar to what the Xbox One X occupied for the operating system.

How much free space is there on the PS5?

Because Sony has not sent the console for press review in the United States or Japan, we cannot officially know what the free storage is for the user, but the people of ResetERA has leaked some images with this data where you can see that the PS5 will only have 664 GB free for the user.

If we consider that Sony mentioned that the internal storage of the PS5 was 825 GB, then it means that 161 GB are being used for operating system, that is, 34 GB less than what the Xbox Series X OS occupies, however, it is considerably less space for games and applications. And we must consider that new generation games are going to be native to 4k, so the space they will occupy must be greater than the space they currently occupy.

A few weeks ago we shared information about the weight of the first games for PS5, where it was mentioned that Demon Souls will weigh 66 GB, while the Spider-Man game Miles Morales will occupy 50 GB, but the Ultimate Edition version with Spider-Man for PS4 remastered will weigh 105 GB, that is, we can have between 5 and 10 games stored on the PS5 with the storage that will be available.

Fortunately, the storage of the PS5 can be increased by means of SSD and HDD, the bad thing is that Sony has not specified if all USB 3.0 storage units will be compatible. On the other hand, Microsoft did confirm that all the SSD and HDD that already work in Xbox One will work without problem in Series X and Series S, so if you are going to bet on Series S it is very important to have an HDD or SSD to have much more storage, because if the storage of this console is 512 GB, you have to subtract what the operating system occupies, and surely it will be more than 100 GB, so it is likely that in the end between 300 and 350 GB will be free free for the user.