Without a doubt, the space hides incredible surprises and if something we would like to have in our hands is the primer selfie that was taken there.

Recently, the NASA shared the most sinister sounds from space for Halloween it is included has made thousands of space images available to enthusiasts for download.

But did you ever imagine that the primer selfie that was taken off this planet? Probably not. In 1966, in outer space, astronauts took what is considered the first self-portrait in space.

NASA shares the most sinister sounds from space for this Halloween

The first space selfie now up for auction

The auction house Christie’s London is selling what is considered the first selfie taken in space, made by Buzz Aldrin in 1966 during the mission Gemini XII.

You can see the picture below:

As of now, the auction is at over $ 4,000, but you could still participate in case you want to take it. You can do it directly in this link. There are still 3 and a half days for this photograph to be yours.

The auction house estimates that this photograph could sell for a minimum of $ 8,000, a collector’s item that will surely be worth much more in a few years with what can be understood as a way to invest in the long term.

In the press release of Christie’s London the following is stated:

“Through their cameras, astronauts-turned-artists were able to convey to humanity the beauty and depth of their experience in space, forever changing the way we see ourselves and our place in the universe.”

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Would you buy this photography beauty?