Rafa Nadal has closed Roland Garros 2020 not only with its thirteenth Musketeers Cup or its 20º Grand Slam, but he has also done it with a perfect full: he has not lost a set.

Novak Djokovic he minimally stood up to him in the third game, but did not even threaten to come back despite reaching the tiebreaker. The point with which Nadal consumó his victory is a good summary of what the Spanish has been in this tournament.

Score 0-40, and service for Nadal. Djokovic knew he was beaten, and he aspired to minimize his options when returning the ball, but the power of the Spanish service made it impossible. Ball in the air, a blow measured just to the opposite side line, at mid-height and with a lethal force before which the Serbian could only take a step forward, almost powerless as one who sees life pass before his eyes.

Nadal dropped to the ground on his knees, while Djokovic walked, once again, defeated towards the net to congratulate his rival. Once again, the clay of the Philippe Chartier surrendered to the quality and power of a tennis player out of the ordinary and whose cries have elevated Spanish tennis to the Olympus.