“This was my journey to cancer”: Olivia Newton-John launched a foundation and spoke of her disease

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The “Grease” actress opened up to her fans and shared details of her health today. He also mentioned John Travolta’s wife, who died this year.

“I want everyone to know what my journey to cancer has been like.” With that phrase, Olivia Newton surprised and moved her fans on social networks.

In this way the unforgettable actress of Grease presented his foundation to fight cancer. And he gave details of how the disease that affects his breasts progressed.

Such as quote Daily Mail, Newton-John, 72, He “feels great” despite his battle with stage four cancer. And she is “grateful” to have been able to isolate herself in the field during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I have my animals and my husband close by. In fact, this has been one of the rare times in my entire life that I have been in one place for more than three weeks,” she admitted. “Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I enjoy spending time at home.”

The artist born in Cambridge on September 26, 1948 said: “I am in that risk group, with an underlying condition and I have to be very careful. Everyone is going through terrible times and they have to worry about their immune system, but people with cancer they have always had this concern, “he said.

Olivia confessed that despite the fact that initially the doctors said that everything was “fine”, she felt that this sentence was not correct. “I knew immediately that something was wrong. I had a mammogram. The mammogram was benign and I had a needle biopsy that was also benign … I am not saying this to scare women, but you have to trust your instincts.”

Right away, when he suspected his first diagnosis was wrong, he booked an appointment with his doctor and agreed to have a surgical biopsy; they later found out she had breast cancer. “All of this was overwhelming. It was a feeling of dread, terror, the unknown. But I made the decision this was okay. I had to believe that I was going to be okay, that my daughter (Chloe Lattanzi) was the most important thing in my life and that I’d be fine with her. “

The big screen star of the late 1970s told The Sunday Telegraph what the use of medicinal cannabis and natural remedies in addition to conventional medicine had improved her mood.

The singer of A Little More Love She was first diagnosed with the disease in 1992 and had a secret battle with cancer in 2013 before her most recent diagnosis in 2017.

As published Fox NewsOlivia was also encouraged to talk about Kelly Preston, the actress who died this year at the age of 57 after breast cancer. Kelly was John Travolta’s partner, they had been married since 1991 and he decided not to make his diagnosis public.

“Loss is loss, and losing a mother and wife is incredibly difficult and time consuming. I understand that it is a private journey and I respect that she did not want to tell her ordeal. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. He had a kind spirit and I am so sorry for John and the children. It is difficult to put into words my feelings. “

Travolta shocked the world in July after Kelly’s death. “It is with great regret that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with breast cancer. She fought a valiant fight with the love and support of so many. My family and I will always be grateful to her doctors and nurses at MD Anderson Cancer Center, all the medical centers who have helped her, as well as friends and loved ones who have been by her side. “


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