Since Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X in the framework of the Game Awards 2019, much has been insisted on the speed which will show off the next generation platform.

It is an aspect that will also be fundamental in Xbox Series SA 100% digital console that will be less powerful than Xbox Series X and whose price is more accessible.

Microsoft wants to ensure that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S stand out not only in the graphics, but also in speed. Hence, the consoles have a solid state drive so that loading times are as short as possible.

This speed will be observable in the characteristic Quick Resume, which will consist of the possibility of switching between games instantly and picking up games exactly where they left off.

In text it seems that it will be a great feature, but there is nothing like seeing it in action and therefore months ago Microsoft published a video focused on it Quick Resume of Xbox Series X and in which we see the instantaneous changes between games.

And now that Microsoft revealed Xbox Series S, it was time to get to know the Quick Resume on that platform.

The video was not revealed by Microsoft, but it appeared on Reddit and in it we can see how the user is playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and suddenly it goes to Minecraft Dungeons, where the session starts exactly where it left off.

Then we see him go to Skate 3, then to Black and in the end it returns to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, where he resumes the session where we saw him at the beginning.

The surprising thing is that between games there is a window of approximately five seconds. Look:

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will arrive the November 10. In Mexico the first will cost 13,999 pesos and the second 8,499.