This touch camera allows blind people to “see” images

We are surrounded by the astonishing beauty of nature, people and objects, but 280 million visually impaired people in the world are deprived of these pleasures.

While visually impaired people can enjoy real-time views, but also with photos that retain a small snippet of what could have been captured with a camera, for people with visual impairments the world is more dry and without charm.

But it doesn’t have to be. It is from this idea that the project was initiated which allowed the creation of a special room for the blind.

The 2C3D camera captures 3D images that can be touched and “seen” by the blind

2C3D it is a room that allows the blind to a certain extent to see and even keep the images seen.

The camera develops the idea of ​​a tool for the blind, and the design implements a touch camera concept for the visually impaired.

The camera creates photos and videos that it plays on a 3D screen. The screen, inspired by “Pin Toy”, is built by numerous 3D pixels that change depending on the photo to form the 3D image on the screen surface – giving the term “touch screen” a literally literal interpretation.

The user can touch the screen while shooting and can feel what the camera sees in real time. When users “see” an image they like, they can take and save a photo. The saved 3D file can be reviewed – or rather felt – later.

2C3D works not only as a camera for the blind, but also as a physical-digital photo album.

Designing a device dedicated to people with unique needs, such as people with visual impairments, is quite difficult, as the design should be extremely intuitive.

How to use the product should be simple and pleasant, and these are the values ​​transmitted by the design. Combining known and recognized elements with new and innovative elements in design and the idea itself, an innovative room is generated.

The 2C3D camera was the winner of the Asia Design Prize in 2018.


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