This sign in your toilet could indicate that there is a diabetic in the house

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Without a doubt, you will never have been excited when it comes time to clean your toilet one more time. Especially if you find that the cup needs to be brushed more and more frequently thanks to the formation of mold and fungus. We will discuss that in this article … because possibly this mold is not only caused by the toilet itself. But it could be a sign that you have diabetes.

Why might mold growth indicate undiagnosed diabetes?

Well, this may sound a bit strange, however it is not that far-fetched. Many people, despite having installed their toilet only a few years ago (modern toilets generally have clear seals to avoid this problem), still needed to give it a constant cleaning.

But this may not have anything to do with the design of the toilet. Rather, it may be an important sign that someone in your home you may have undiagnosed diabetes or diabetes that is not well controlled.

What?! This is certainly not what people with this type of problem would expect to hear. However, it is entirely possible that this is the case.

High levels of glucose (which is the ideal food for mold) that occur in the urine could be the culprit for this phenomenon. The Mayo Clinic backs this up by saying, “When the kidneys cannot keep up, excess glucose is excreted in the urine, carrying fluids from the tissues with it.”

This can also make a person he sits dehydrated, which will then make her drink more fluids and, of course, go to the bathroom more times. This could be the most likely reason for persistent mold and mildew.

Ironically, you could end up viewing this issue as a blessing in disguise. Since it can help you detect a diagnosis of diabetes from the beginning and get the right treatment ASAP.

Another possible cause and how to fix it

However, if all the people who use the bathroom regularly have completely normal blood sugar levels in the end, then it could be a problem with mineral accumulation. Although most newer toilets have that clear coating to keep it from building up in the toilet, there is a chance that the protective coating has worn away.

In this case, you can try using white vinegar and baking soda to easily remove mineral deposits. Just make sure to use small amounts to avoid any accidents …

Otherwise, always keep in mind this strange signal your bath is giving you to make sure you are healthy and that you are maintaining a good balance in your blood sugar levels.


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