This Saturday 14 theaters reopen

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There were no functions since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, they announced that they will begin to open.

After the presentation of the respective sanitary protocols, the return of theatrical and musical activity was confirmed with the presence of the public in the show halls. ANDThis Monday, November 9, artists and workers had cut off Corrientes Avenue asking for the reopening of the rooms.

Despite the fact that on Friday it had not authorized the presence of the public in the rooms, the national government has now started the approval of the applications for authorizations. According to the Twitter account of the Multitabarís and Multiteatro rooms, owned by businessman Carlos Rottemberg, “the commitment is to speed up the return.

The decision to return to activity was established after a meeting at the Kirchner Cultural Center with the participation of officials from the General Secretariat of the Presidency, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor of the Nation, together to members of the Argentine Association of Theater and Musical Entrepreneurs (AADET) and the Argentine Association of Actors (AAA).

“The announcement confirmed today by the Nation’s Cabinet Headquarters to enable traditional theater halls is a good start on a path that will take time to reestablish communion between artists and the public,” Rottemberg said in a statement.

The businessman expressed his satisfaction with the measure: “I celebrate the symbolic value of ceasing to be a closed activity, obviously governed by a health protocol that minimizes the risks of the pandemic -which we never stop respecting- as it already happens in other activities” .

And he added: “As in other countries, the return will be slow, initially with few offers, limited work teams and public subject to allowed capacity. Now comes a first stage that we always knew we would have to go through from the moment we that the total closure that was imposed since March be unlocked. “

In addition, he indicated that soon there will be works that may have spectators in the room, and specified that the first productions will be released at the beginning of next year.

“In these hours, the provisions that will govern the opening are being arbitrated in practice, observing their compliance to imagine having the first shows with a face-to-face public in a few days. Surely, for the date of the year, the largest incorporation of new canopies will arrive in January “.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Culture, Enrique Avogadro said in dialogue with the newspaper The nation that it would ask the national government for authorization to reopen the rooms in the City of Buenos Aires.

“In one of the articles of Friday’s decree, theater activity is expressly prohibited, for which each jurisdiction must request permission. That is why today we present the protocol that we have been working on in the City because we consider that we are in a position to reopen the halls of the City.

For its part, Jorge Telerman, director of the Buenos Aires Theater Complex, said this Saturday 14 the reopening date: “We, on the 14th, unless the national government tells us otherwise – which I don’t think – we will have the honor of reopening the Casacuberta room.”

This Monday, artists and workers cut Corrientes Avenue calling for the reopening of the rooms.

“That the theaters open, that they allow us to open. It is a direct request to the President, who has just said that the theaters and cinemas will not,” claimed Luis Brandoni, present at the protest in front of the Broadway Theater.

The actor and political leader, a regular at the opposition marches, remarked that the city authorities, the business community and the artists did “what they could to condition the theaters so that they could comply with the protocols.”

The claim by artists and theater workers was made on Corrientes Avenue, at the height of Libertad Street. There a stage was set up, to which several of the artists climbed.

Flavio Mendoza, who was in charge of reshaping the Broadway theater according to the protocol set up for the reopening, took the floor and remarked that the activity “was the first to stop” and that “for 8 months” they remain the same “without working and being able to carry a salary home “.


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