This robot can help you in the supermarket. Where can you find it?

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If you want to shop in the hypermarket in the United States, you might share the aisle with Tally, the shelf scanning robot.

Manufactured by Simbe Robotics, Tally is self-contained and scans inventory shelves to facilitate in-store replenishment. The American chain Schnucks extends its use of the robot to 62 locations, which will allow Tally to scan over 4.2 million products every day.

“The data collected in real time by Tally helps retailers, such as Schnucks, ensure that the shelves are stored, the prices are correct and the products that customers are looking for are where they expect them to be.”

“Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic, Tally was crucial to maintaining the business. Tally has managed to keep track of inventory and completion, while reducing the amount of time workers have to spend on the aisle, keeping customers happy and workers safe, ”said Brad Bogolea, co-founder and CEO of Simbe Robotics.

What is the Tally robot doing and how could it reach us in Romania?

Tally eliminates the mundane task of manually checking products on store shelves.

By using Tally, Schnucks recorded a 20% discount on items that are no longer in stock, and the robot’s inventory figures are on average 14 times more accurate than those made by employees.

Over the next two years, Simbe plans to launch another 1,000 Tally robots in the retail industry. Starting from this idea, can we have hopes that retailers with activity in Romania will introduce such solutions?

We don’t know how easy it would be to implement, but meeting a robot while you do your shopping doesn’t seem like something the Romanian public is used to.

However, the creators of the robot claim that Tally is more than polite.

“Since the founding of Simbe, we have carefully approached Tally’s design to stimulate positive and valuable human-robot interaction for both retailers and buyers. We have created excellent manners – it always gives people the right of way and avoids crowded corridors while strategically scanning the inventory “, as Bogolea states.

The creative company considered the robot’s interaction with humans when designing the small, face-like screen.

“Due to these careful design features and the childish manners of the robot, customers often refer to Tally as adorable or cute and received a fair share of hugs and attention from young children,” Bogolea added.

It will probably take some time until we reach the moment when robots will be a common thing in the Romanian landscape, but the use of robotics in different areas of public services is more and more common in the world.


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